The entity was established by a team of inspired engineers with cutting edge expertise in building geo-intelligence information. The main pillar of the entity's portfolio relies on EO data exploitation, analysis and profits from deep knowledge in geo-spatial analysis and big data management and processing.
To address users needs and stakeholders priorities for the developed services, EDGE builds upon capacity building and portals development skills and protocols.
Aiming at the robustness of the “acquis” of the services/ products recipients and at further growing the network of potential beneficiaries of its (expanding) portfolio, the company provides tailor-made technical support and training.
The combination of sound academic background and experience of the team of experts with an excellence-oriented culture is the most valuable asset of the company. To maintain a high excellence level, internationally acknowledged Best Practices and research results are pertinently integrated in the various processes and workflows following systematic monitoring and evaluation.
To support excellence and efficiency Quality Management is based upon relevant ISO standards (i.e. ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015) and covers a project/ service/ product entire cycle from tender to assignment and then to delivery and internal review of the project impact.

Organizational Aspects

Three Value chain departments assume the technical and performance management of the services/ products specification, design and development, and delivery; (1) Data Integration Analysis & Production, (2) Information Services and (3) Consulting & Technical Support



Geo-intelligence: Data Analysis and Production

End-to-end Service Portfolio: Earth Observation data, geo-spatial data analysis and processing, geo-products, space technologies integration, big data analytics, thematic solutions/ applications.


Information Services

Web portals and webgis systems development, geospatial analysis and modeling, development of geospatial databases, information systems design, human-computer interaction and professional application implementation technologies.


Consulting and Technical Support

Towards a more resilient society and a sustainable environment, worldwide, we work in the fields of natural resources, environment, forestry and agriculture, climate, emergency management, technical support, and market analysis. We provide tailor-made services/ solutions for resources monitoring, management and interventions planning.


Capacity Building

We integrate (design & development) the latest technical solutions supporting governmental, administrative, and industrial processes. Technology consulting and institutional strengthening towards optimizing the everyday business of our clients/ users; awareness raising, capacities enhancement, workflows improvement

Why trust us
We integrate (design & development) the latest technical solutions supporting governmental, administrative, and industrial processes. and provide our services to the industry and private sector, international institutions, and national authorities.
Although “young”, the company has gained the trust of numerous European partners and collaborates with them in innovative projects.